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This Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Custom Home will Help Guide You through the Process from the Initial Dream to Unlocking the Door to Your New Custom Home.

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How to Plan Your Custom Home Build

If you are starting the research phase before building your own home or if you are already committed and want to start the home build process, the information below will shed some light on the correct processes and things to consider along the way. And when you are ready to speak to a Home Builder in Huntsville AL, Pearson Homes will be ready to help in any way that we can.

New Home Building Guide

The first thing you should ensure, is that your contractor can legally build your dwelling.

Per the official website of the city of Huntsville, AL

“The state law requires that only a properly licensed contractor which holds a current certification through the Alabama Homebuilders Licensure Board or a currently licensed state general contractor with a license number below 18908 can build a one or two family dwelling. The owner of the property may also build their own residence if they hold title to the property and it is to be their personal residence, which will not be offered for sale for at least a year. The owner acting as their own contractor loses any protection from the Alabama Homebuilders Licensure Board for any defects. The owner must adhere to all codes and ordinances.”

Now that you know your builder is certified let’s address the home building market that you are entering in North Alabama.

From the Huntsville AL monthly development review, 4 out of 6 months to end 2019 showed growth in residential permits (new construction) and certificates of occupancy year-over-year which highlights the booming economy. The lagging months were minimal percentage drops while many of the increases were by hundreds of percent.

The takeaway is, that if you are in the process of building a new luxury home, a new affordable home, or are looking at your home build options, you’re not alone. This influx of interest means that you will be competing with a lot of people for the best home builders in Huntsville, Alabama which also means that new home builders will enter the market without a track record. It happens every year in Huntsville. They may offer a deal that is too good to pass up. Use the home builder checklist and guide below to best position yourself to succeed in the home building process. And be wary of any deals or timelines that seem too good to be true. Because they most likely are.

How to Find a Top Rated Home Builder in Huntsville AL

Building a home isn’t a simple endeavor, even when working with the best home builders in Huntsville unplanned circumstances can affect the process. It is how the general contractors deal with the problems and the familiarity with the best course of action to address situations that sets home builders apart. And those people that are interested in the home building process who prepare by doing their research up-front almost always realize better outcomes. If you’re considering building a home, take a look at this building a home guide and our home builder checklist. While no list can be fully comprehensive, this will put you on the path to success by helping you avoid common pitfalls in the new residential construction process. Luxury homes and affordable homes alike require attention to detail and some home builders like Pearson Homes can build luxury homes with every amenity and feature available or affordable homes that still have nice details and high-quality craftsmanship.

Free Step-By-Step Home Builders Checklist

New Home Builder and Client: Roles and Responsibilities

One of first steps to building a house is understanding the various roles and responsibilities of all parties throughout the process. This keeps you organized and aware of each decision maker and responsible party in the homebuilding process. Who will be responsible for next steps? What items should you depend on your builder to provide? What decisions you should ponder prior to a deadline? Who is responsible for what important decisions? It’s critical to understand the roles of all individuals involved in the process and what is the oversight for their work before looking for home builders in Huntsville AL.

The most common professionals in the home building process include:

The Homeowner – Ultimately, you are the CEO of this process. Many decisions will require your input. But you are not expected to know everything, and there will have to be a level of trust with your custom home builder that they are competent and have your best interests at heart. While building a new home, you need to make yourself as easily accessible to your builders as possible. The faster you are able to respond to inquiries and the faster you are able to provide decisions at critical stages in the home building process, the faster and smoother your new construction process will go. Ask for a list of decisions you will need to make in the beginning, that way you can discuss important topics in advance and be ready to make your preferences knows as quickly as possible. Some decisions may be able to be made in that moment that can speed up your construction project before it even fully begins. You play a large role in meeting your desired deadlines and those set by the home builder for moving to the next stage in the design or build process. Make your preferences known and let the new construction builder know if there are certain aspects of the home that are of greatest concern and if there are are others that you are not as particular about. E.g. maybe you are extremely particular about the specific shade of your desired quartz countertops but you are less concerned about the type of wood of your painted cabinetry.

Huntsville Real Estate Agents – Real estate agents may play a role in your decision to build a custom home and agents with vast new home construction experience can be a great asset in the process. Whether employed by the home builder you work with or with an outside real estate firm, real-estate agents can provide assistance in purchasing land for the build. They can act as an area expert providing more guidance about lifestyle needs you may have,. They also help coordinate the closing of the land and or home sale.

Home Builder / Construction Manager — Your new home construction manager acts as the liaison between you, the homeowner, and the other members of the construction team. This construction manager provides assistance in detailing and planning the build. The construction manager also ensures the homeowner’s wishes and best interests are always at the forefront during any decision, and ensures all deliverables are met on schedule and on budget. Ask yourself if they professional home builders with a long list of happy clients? Do they have homes in the market that you can see? Do they have past clients that you can physically talk to? Have they been in Huntsville for a long time and have they been building single family homes for a long time? If so, you don’t have to second guess every decision and the faith you exhibit in your Huntsville home builder will lead to a better relationship and a better outcome. This does not mean you should be disengaged, but it does mean that if you vetted your new home builder, they will take your project seriously because they take their job seriously. They care about their work because they care about you and their reputation. Home builders are not business owners that can continue to succeed (see: stay in business) with poorly constructed homes and bad customer service. Home builders in Huntsville AL come and go because the market is historically strong despite any market volatility. But that means you are typically able to trust Huntsville home builders that have been building homes in the north Alabama market for decades, like Pearson Homes.

Mortgage Lenders / Home Lending Specialists — Just like all home purchases not made with cash, lenders work to make it possible for homeowners to purchase their custom homes. If you are dependent upon financing, be certain that you pay close attention to the steps to take before and after your approval for lending. Many financing deals have been compromised or lost entirely as a result of easily avoidable missteps leading up to the closing on a home. We have seen deals fall through because homebuyers financed new furniture days before they closed on their new home, because a person changed jobs just before closing, and another because he decided on a whim to buy a new car before moving to his new city and closing on his new home. Some things are unavoidable, but major life changes and major purchases are almost always best made AFTER you have fully taken ownership of your new custom home as opposed to BEFORE you have signed all dotted lines and received the certificate of occupancy and keys to your new home.

Designers / Architects — In some cases an external architect is used before engaging a new home builder. In that case, the architect works with the home builder to create drawings and specifications. These sketches ensure the homeowner’s wishes are met from the start and that budgets can be adhered to based on the specs provided. Often architectural renderings are not fully aligned with a new homeowner’s desired or imposed budgetary constraints. In this case, modifications may be necessary to meet budgets. At Pearson Homes, we offer fully custom homes, but we also have semi-custom home plans that are streamlined with the most popular floor plans. The floor plans offer the most desired amenities and features. The home plans also offer the most sought-after materials and design elements. These semi-custom home plans have been fine-tuned after hundreds of new construction home builds and allows for the best possible home at the best possible price to the homeowner.

Civil and Structural Engineers – Engineers are always involved throughout the new construction process. They provide insight about potential problems and unique conditions that can arise during a new home build. North Alabama has one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the entire country, there is no shortage of qualified engineering professionals to ensure your new Alabama home is sound and well-constructed.

Specialty Contractors – Specialty home contractors work within specific trades – electrical and wiring systems, lighting specialists, sprinkler installers, security system installers, painters, heating and cooling professionals, roofers, plumbers and more. You may desire to have a business that you have a previous relationship to handle one aspect or another of your new home build. In most cases, this is not a problem, but timelines can potentially be affected as a result. In most cases, a new construction company has an existing relationship with specific contractors or specialty contractor companies, or employ people with licenses in these areas directly. It is helpful to understand that there are a multitude of professional contractors that are involved in the process of building a new single family home.

Inspectors – Field inspectors provide in-person visual inspection of new home construction projects and are responsible for reviewing architectural designs prior to the build. They check-in at various phases of the project and ensure that all codes and ordinances are adhered to prior to the final sale.

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The Cumulative Benefit of Quick Decision Making When Building a New Home

When you are building a new home, A LOT of decisions have to be made. Timely, decisive decisions ensure that projects stay on track, your goals are clearly understood, and expectations are exceeded.

Include these questions on your building-a-house checklist and make sure you have a clear answer for each:

  1. How will I track MY tasks, deliverables, and deadlines due to the construction manager related to my project?
  2. Where will I store my documents related to my home build? (Pro-Tip: Create an electronic document for each and store on your hard drive or in the cloud.)
  3. How will I track conversations with my home builder? (Pro-Tip: Tag emails with unique keywords/tags or in specific folders for quick reference.)
    Who is my main point of contact with the builder I have selected and how many ways do I have to reach them? And what is their preferred method of contact?
  4. At what time am I most likely to be available each day to be reached to make a decision or answer questions when necessary?
    Who should be designated as the decision maker if more than one person is in the household? If not myself, do we disagree on any points that need to be discussed in advance?
  5. What is my desired completion date? Is it reasonable and agreed upon by the home building team? What home building benchmarks must be met to make this goal a reality?

Home Building Budgetary Considerations | Home Builder Guide

It’s important to have complete understanding of the costs associated with building a home, and if you haven’t agreed upon a firm price with your custom home builder, you should stay prepared for unexpected expenses. The best home builders in Huntsville AL will be upfront about costs and avoid any costly surprises. Clear lines of communication between all parties are the best way to ensure you don’t get shocked with an expense in building your home that you were not expecting.

Below is a list of topics to consider for your new home construction checklist:

What is the average cost of new custom home in your area?

The average cost of building a new home in Huntsville, Alabama is likely different than the cost to build a new home where you live.

The cost of building a new home can vary as a result of a multitude of considerations including:

  • new home construction demand
  • site preparation requirements
  • cost of home building materials used
  • cost of skilled labor
  • difficulty of terrain
  • distance from product supply sources
  • etc.

There is nothing wrong with researching the “cost to build a new home in Huntsville, Alabama”, or wherever you live, but just understand that your decisions, desires, and needs will all drastically affect the unique cost of building a home in your city.

What do you want to spend to build your new home? How much does building a new home cost? If you plan to finance the cost of your new construction, speak with a few mortgage lenders in Huntsville, or your town, to find out the process of obtaining financing and to determine the best interest rates and loan programs available to you.

You should also discuss the costs of the home type or style that you are interested in building early in the process.

Prices for new homes can vary wildly, a range from $90 – $225 per square foot is the typical range of per square foot cost to build a new home in Huntsville, AL inclusive of all costs.

The average cost to build a new home in Huntsville, Alabama is roughly $125 per square foot.

A recommended exercise prior to speaking with a new home builder in Huntsville or your area is to rank your desired features in order of importance.

Denote any particular items that are non-negotiable and those with which you are flexible.

You can take it a step further and tell your builder bluntly if you have any ideas to cut costs in specific areas, if you prefer a builder or reduced grade material in a specific area of the home. Talk with your home builder to learn about all the options available to you, be specific about your goals and requirements, and be certain to get everything in writing if it is of great importance.

Questions About Building a Home in Huntsville, Alabama???

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How to Get Financing for a New Construction Home Builder Loan

Check Your Credit Report Yourself, First. — Make sure you order your credit report well in advance of applying for financing. Check for any errors that may exist and address them in short order.

Save for Your Down Payment on Your New Custom Home — Consider how much you can realistically put down as a down payment. A construction loan is considered higher risk, so a new construction down payment between 20% and 25% is recommended to ensure a fast approval process and the best rates. If you don’t have 20-25%, it is still certainly possible to get a new construction home loan, you would just need to talk to a new construction mortgage lender in your area and discuss your options.

Mortgage Options Available for Building a New Home — Familiarize yourself with the various mortgage options available for building a custom home – fixed rate, variable, 15-year, 30-year, FHA and traditional. Determine which new home construction mortgage would be the best option for your financial situation. If a 15 year loan is still within your budget, it will allow you to save a considerable amount of money in interest providing equity at a much greater rate and allowing your new custom home to become an asset instead of a liability much quicker.

Obtain Pre-qualification or Pre-approval from your Chosen New Construction Lender for Your Desired Mortgage.

Looking to control costs as much as possible to protect your investment and increase profitability when you resell your home? Check out our tips to build a custom home on a budget where we discuss the best places to avoid spending additional money and what materials to avoid to prevent unexpected replacement or maintenance costs.

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home?

The most basic estimate is 6-9 months, but this number can increase based on an array of factors.

Home Builder Checklist Timeline

Most people interested in building a new home would also like to move in the day after finalizing their custom home plans. While we all know that is not a possibility, what timeline can be reasonably expected when building a new home?

While this is affected by many different circumstances, a reasonable expectation should be between 6 and 9 months. This cushion allows for unexpected weather delays, potential staff turnover, supplier delays, and more.

If you have a considerable amount of custom home material inclusions, are not quick to make decisions or respond, or have a particularly wet season, that timeline can get closer to one year. If you have a specific deadline, be sure to make that known in your first meeting with your new home builder, they will tell you if that timeline is realistic with them or any other builder in the area.

When is the Best Time to Build a New Home?

Start by asking yourself when you would like to move in to your new home and if anything needs to happen before you are able to do so?

For example, do you need to sell your home in Huntsville, AL first.

Do you want to move in during a particular season to avoid school or work conflicts?

Do you have an expiring lease and a very hard deadline?

If these things apply to you, discuss this with your new home builder.

Next, be sure to ask any potential custom home builder the following questions even if you do not have a deadline in mind.

How long will it take to build my new home in Huntsville (or your area)?

In general, Pearson Homes new home builds take approximately six months.

However, custom homes with a multitude of custom features or larger sizes can take longer.

Most builders are just as anxious to get your new home build completed as you are. It doesn’t make sense for a builder to have an unfinished project, but juggling many different construction sites with a limited supply of workers can lead to delays. Even if you do not have a firm deadline, follow the progress of the construction of your new home closely. Make sure that your custom home builder is adhering to the timelines that were quoted to you as closely as possible while still understanding that extenuating circumstances do arise with new home construction projects.


When is the best time to build a home?

Of course you can start a new home build in Huntsville AL at any point in the year.

In Huntsville we are blessed with great weather 9-10 months out of the year. That is not the case in many locations.

A very common, yet very rainy Spring in your area may add an additional month or two to your build time if you start building in the Spring.

Asking this question can set your expectation level from the beginning and ensure you are not going to be on the higher end of build times by properly planning your new home construction.

These typical setbacks are common and in many cases do not affect your home building schedule or timeline.

But if you have a very strict timeline, it would be ideal to build in extra time by starting the new construction process sooner if your schedule requires beginning your custom home construction during the rainy or cold season.

Custom Homes For Sale Huntsville AL

Choosing and Working with the Best Home Builder

If your home building team isn’t right from the start, you will encounter countless issues before, during, and after your new home is built.

To be sure you choose the best new home builder for your specific needs, consider the following for your checklist for building a house:

Your Intuition — Do you feel confident in the home builder you have selected? Do you understand and agree with the home building process that they follow? Is there transparency in the new construction process? Do you have any doubts? Does your new home builder get defensive when you ask questions? Does the builder address your concerns and make a commitment to you to be on-time and on-budget?

Home Builder References and Testimonials — Ask your builder for past client references or read their online reviews or testimonials. Call any references that your builder supplies and ask any questions that you might have. Ask about any holdups during the process, do they have any regrets or advice, and specifically ask if they would work with the builder again.

Ask to see pictures of completed new construction projects.

Does Your Custom Home Builder Instill Trust in You? — If you trust your home builder and their staff, you can trust their subcontractor selections. And you can expect them to stand by that work even if it means redoing or replacing something not done to your expectations or standards. If any problems do arise, reach out to your builder immediately for remediation. The home building process is highly detailed and hiccups can arise. But clear communication is absolutely necessary. If you have a concern or a simple question address it right away. It could be a simple mixup or misunderstanding, or it might be something entirely planned and justified that the builder did not realize was not communicated to you.

Do You Have Unanswered Questions? — Ask your home builder how long they have worked with each subcontractor or team member and why they’ve chosen these professionals for their team? In this case, experience matters most.

Request an Estimate or Firm Price for the Cost of Your New Custom Home in Huntsville AL (or your area)

Buying Land to Build On Your Lot: What to Consider Before Building a New Home on Your Property

Your potential new home’s physical location is just as important as the features in your home when considering your desired lifestyle, resale value, and land prep costs. Add these items to your new home building checklist:

If you want to build-on-your-lot, ask your custom home builder about extra expenses related to your lot

  • Will you need a septic tank, or will there be costs to connect to sewer, or even to dig a well?
  • Will you need to create new cable, phone, or power hookups that could increase expenses?
  • Do you need to clear the land before you can even begin the process of building a new home?

Talk to people in the area or neighborhood — This will help you understand the location, potentially help you mitigate issues before they become your issues, and find out if it’s a good fit for your family.

Walk the neighborhood at day and at night— There’s no better way to understand an area or a given piece of land before you build on your lot than to understand what surrounds it during the day and at night.

Visit the property during and after a hard rain. This is great advice when buying an existing home as well. Are there drainage or flooding issues with the potential property for your new build, if so, you won’t likely know until there is a hard rain. And for most, when that happens, it is often too late. The problem has become yours and it is then your responsibility to address the issues, if they are even able to be properly be addressed.

Home Builder Huntsville AL | Pearson Homes

Consider your family’s interests before buying property-

  • Do you like having a view?
  • Do you enjoy seeing into the distance?
  • Do you like or not like foliage?
  • Do you want a lot of trees that will lose leaves in the fall?
  • Do you want a sunset view from your porch or a sunrise through your window each morning?
  • Are you looking for considerable outdoor space for recreational activities?
  • Do you enjoy gardening and desire a specific soil type?
  • Would you like room for outdoor entertaining attached or detached from your new construction home?

The size, shape, and location of your chosen lot affect these factors and more. And some of these things might be considered in the typical lead up to building your own home, but others might not.

Consider every detail that is important but also try to brainstorm smaller conveniences and wishes that could affect your day-to-day life in ways that you might not consider until they no longer are available.

Questions About Building a Home in Huntsville, Alabama???

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Building Permits and Insurance for Building a Home

If you are building a home on your lot in Huntsville, AL or elsewhere your home-building-checklist likely needs to include securing insurance and permits.

Once you have chosen the perfect lot to build your new home in North Alabama and secured financing from a reputable lending company, obtaining building permits and insurance is the next critical step.

Discuss the permitting and insurance policy requirements of the custom home builder you have chosen to build-on-your-lot, if they require you to secure permits and insurance, add the following steps to your custom home builder checklist:

Make yourself familiar with the building permit process in Huntsville AL or your city —

In most cases, builders will reach out to the permitting department of your local municipality to ensure all permits are in place prior to starting a new residential construction build. It is critically important to make sure your permits are approved and in place before the new home construction company attempts to begin the new home build.

Ensure the custom home builder that you have chosen has general liability insurance in place and active —

This can be provided by you or your builder, but it is imperative that you be covered. Working with a fully-insured builder is always the best course of action and protects you as well as long as you are listed as an Additional Insured on the policy.

In all cases, you would be best served by working with a custom home builder that has workman’s compensation insurance in place —

This insurance ensures that you and/or the builder are not held responsible should any workplace injuries take place on your job site.

If you are working with a homebuilder who manages employees, this should be required. Though, some states do not require it for companies that have below a stated number of employees. While it may not be required by your state for your home builder to have workman’s comp in place, they certainly have the ability to purchase it outside of the state licensing requirements. This is a good policy as a new home worksite can be a dangerous place even absent of negligence. It is a good policy for the worker’s and it is a good policy for you the homeowner.

Tips for Working with Home Builders in Huntsville AL

What features and home layout will work best for my new construction home?

Custom Home Design and Semi-Custom Home Design Steps

When working on a custom home design or a semi-custom home design, you should consider the following steps and questions for your home-building checklist:

  • What features matter most in my home build?
  • What are my must-have-features or requirements for my new custom home? What will I absolutely NOT accept not being included?
  • What features would be nice to have, if the budget permits, but that are not absolute requirements?
  • Will there be any potential issues or additional expenses based on my requirements or features in my new home floor plan?

Ask your designer and homebuilder about any potential issues in your desired design before construction begins.

Are there ways to cut costs if necessary, and does the designer or homebuilder have recommendations to cut costs without eliminating my must-have-items or altering the house plan?

Be clear with your home builder and architect/designer about what your budget is and where you have flexibility if any exists.

If you’re not clear upfront about your budget and any limitations that exist from the start, this will lead to disappointment in the long run.

If your homebuilder knows your financial situation for your new home build, they can often get creative in ways that won’t be as noticeable as if they are forced to alter plans mid-build or have to deal with a lot of change requests.

Is a semi-custom home the best option for your new home construction project?

Fully custom designs can be extremely costly, especially if you make several rounds of alterations or change requests and use an architect for the design and renderings.

Because of this, many people that want to build a new home, but that want to control costs, choose a builder that also offers a portfolio of home plans with a variety of different floor plans and home elevations from which to choose.

Some of these plans even allow flexibility within the designs, so that you can make some changes to make the plans work better for you and give you that custom home feel.

If you have scoured home plans and are still not finding what you were hoping to find, but are wanting to keep your costs as low as possible, consider prioritizing your home plan requests by room and limit yourself to 2-3 alterations.

For example, you could focus on your custom home plan requests on the master bathroom, followed by the kitchen, and then laundry room.

In your consultation with your home builder you might ask for a larger closet off of your master bathroom and the toilet in a separately enclosed area, in the kitchen you might desire an island with a bar-top height and a stovetop, and the laundry-room as a dual purpose mudroom off of the garage.

If you limit your requests, are willing to work with your custom home builder by compromising on other areas that could be affected by your requests, and are willing to accept that not all requests can be honored while staying within a strict home building budget, then you are more likely to find common ground and an acceptable solution. And you will find this to be a much more cost-effective new construction option than fully custom homes.

Custom Homes for Sale Huntsville Alabama

Are You Ready to Contact an Award-Winning Home Builder Huntsville AL?

No matter your question, Pearson Homes is happy to address it for you. We have decades of experience in the Huntsville home building market with a long line of thrilled clients and we hope to earn the opportunity to work with you as you build a home in Huntsville, Alabama.

Custom Home Builder Feature Options

Home feature selections when building a custom house are nearly endless, but the following list of custom selections are a good place with which to start:

Custom Home Building Materials – You can choose from different materials on the facade of your home like brick, stone, HardiePlank, cedar shake, and more.

Do you want lifetime warranty roofing shingles?

Do you want a specific type and shape column on your front porch?

Electrical Outlet Locations for you Custom Home–

If you have specific pieces of furniture that you know will be included your newly constructed home, think about outlet locations that might be necessary for that furniture.

If you want extra kitchen outlets, which if close to a water source are required to be ground-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI outlets, then you need to specify that and think about where they should be placed.

Maybe you want some floor outlets or electrical outlets with USB charging ports, or want an outlet and cable hookup on the wall over your fireplace mantel for your television and surround sound or sound bar.

This is your dream home, so take the time to think about the small details that can greatly affect the convenience of your new home and also increase the aesthetic appeal of your new house.

The biggest takeaway is that you should be detailed and clear about your desires and needs as early in the process as possible when meeting with any home builders Huntsville AL that you are considering.

Laundry Room Location or Locations –

Maybe you want your laundry upstairs so that it will be closer to the majority of your rooms to avoid hauling clothes up and down stairs.

Or maybe you want a smaller additional laundry room on the lower level as well for the master bedroom or in-law suite.

The benefit of a custom home is your ability to tailor your new construction to your specific needs.

Unique features that you find appealing can also be selling points when it is time to resell you custom home making it easier to sell and often for a premium.

But conversely, over-customizing your home can lead to difficulty selling it.

Simple aesthetic choices that suit your eclectic taste that are easily changed before listing your home for sale (think: a bright accent wall or mural for your children) aren’t as difficult to rectify as black onyx countertops throughout your new custom home with oversized gold fixtures and clashing colored sinks.

Be mindful of your choices if resale is at all likely in the future.

Custom Kitchen Features –

Cabinet quantity, style, and material, custom home flooring material and size, and types of appliances and features are all decisions you will need to consider.

As the homeowner, you have complete control based on your preferences and needs. Avoid overly trendy custom feature inclusions unless they are items easily replaced or necessary for your lifestyle.

Custom Flooring – Which type of flooring suits your taste and lifestyle? From hardwoods, carpet, tiles, and laminate, your selections can vary from room-to-room or floor-to-floor.

Framing – Framing of a new custom home is fairly standardized and the way in which a builder frames their new construction homes is likely uniform across their builds. But you can request a particular type of sidewall insulation, distance between studs if you have a preference, as well as requiring galvanized nails and floor joist screws to ensure the best possible new home build. When you use the best materials when building your dream home, your house will last longer and need fewer repairs.

Custom Home Color Selections — When building a new home, you will select a color palate for your features based upon your specific preferences. Choose colors that fit your family’s personality for both inside and outside of your home, that compliment your environment, neighborhood, and custom home style or architecture. If you are unsure of where to start, ask your builder for ideas, or reach out to a local interior designer or artist that can offer valuable guidance or a quality service.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting — A well-lit home is important, and using energy efficient lighting options will save you money over the entire life of your newly constructed home. Recessed fixtures also provide many benefits. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen is all but expected now.

Lighting meant to highlight a built-in bookcase or for your family art that will be displayed in your home can be included in the plans.

Specific lighting over a natural placement of a desk in your study or office or above the bed for late night reading are nice touches that will make your custom home work better for you and for future owners of your home.

A good rule of thumb when planning the indoor lighting for you custom home is to ensure enough lighting in each room so that you do not require additional lighting, e.g. floor lamps.

Outdoor lighting selections for your new home build should provide adequate coverage for security when entering the home at night.

Additionally, landscape lighting for your trees and plants can increase and highlight the beauty of your new home.

Do you need to consider outdoor lighting for entertaining or for around your pool?

Safety Features for Your New Construction Home-

Hardwired smoke detectors and CO2 detectors may be required by law in your state or municipality and are important considerations for protecting your family.

Sprinklers too may be a viable option, especially in the kitchen.

If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or flooding, additional safety measures should be in place.

Huntsville, Alabama is the top city in the country for tornado damage, so tornado shelters should be a serious consideration for everyone building a new custom home in Huntsville.

Speak with your builder about these features and any others that may be important to you.

If you are looking for custom home features that will never compromise your ability to resell your home, consider the following list.

Free Step-By-Step Home Builders Checklist

The 11 Best Features to Add to Your Custom Home That Increase Your Home Value and Never Go Out of Style

1) Extra Outlets in Varying Logical Locations

2) Lots of Unique and Extra Storage Locations

3) Easy Access to the Attic

4) Less Walls and More Windows

5) Safe Rooms and Tornado Shelters

6) An Oversized Garage

7) Solid Doors

8) A Porch and Entryway

9) Bathrooms: Plenty of Them and Ideally with Double Sinks and Vanities

10) A Generator Hook-Up Wired Into Your Breaker Box with Vital Items Routed to the Generator in the Event of Power Failure (refrigerator, freezer, HVAC, a portion of the lights, etc.)

11) The Proper Heating and Cooling Unit for Your Home Size and Layout

Sewer and Water Hookup – Checklist for Building Your House

Water and sewer hookups can be standard and simple or complicated and taxing depending on the location you choose to build on your lot. This process includes:

Set a Date for Your Water and Sewer Hookups with Your Local Municipality — Discuss with your custom home builder to understand what role you play in this process.

Schedule and Complete the Required Inspection — Make sure the proper installation inspection occurs to inspect and approve the water and sewer hookups, footings, and plumbing.

Prepare for and Take Care of Any Potential Additional Fees — Discuss the possibility of any additional fees that may be encountered during the hookup process with your home builder or any special requirements that your piece of property may require.

Custom Home Landscaping, Hardscapes, and Final Cleanup

Once your dream home is built, landscaping and final cleanup are the final items for your checklist for building a home. Consider the following factors and the implications on or of your choices:

  • Trees, plant, and flower choices for your newly constructed home and the required upkeep and maintenance of each
  • Neighborhood style and commonalities in landscapes and or hardscapes
  • Native plant selections verses exotic plants and grasses for your landscape
  • Overall curb appeal and attention to detail including lighting, curbs, landscape edging, and more
  • Make sure your home looks move-in ready, all details are considered and addressed, construction debris is cleaned up and removed, pressure washing is completed if necessary, and all final cleanup is handled before closing on your new custom home.
Huntsville AL Custom Home Builder Pearson Homes

Moving In to your New Custom Home in Huntsville AL (or your city)

Once your home builder has completed the construction of your custom home, all that is left to do, is move-in and begin enjoying your newly constructed dream house. During this process, there are still a few things to consider:

Decide whether you’ll hire a local moving company or handle the moving on your own.

Many home builders have relationships with service providers that that are in complementary industries. Inquiring with your home builder or general contractor and asking if they recommend any local or international moving companies which could save you some money with a referral discount or at least connect you with a reputable and recommended company that will more likely provide service to a higher standard.

Plan the placement of your furniture and decide if any new purchases need to be made to complete the interior you desire for your new home.

Again, your home builder Huntsville AL might have a local furniture company that they can recommend with great service and great pricing. There is no better time to buy furniture than before you move into your newly built home.

Don’t rush any of the process. This will just add stress and will potentially cause for details to be missed.

This may be the only custom home that you will ever build, enjoy the entire home building process from concept, design, construction, to moving-in to your new home.

When moving into your new construction house, choose one room, ideally near the front door or off of the garage, where you can place all boxes before unpacking that will not be in the way of your day-to-day life.

Set a goal to unpack a minimum of a one box each day until you are fully unpacked.

Of course you can do more at one time, but forcing yourself to unpack at least one box each day will make sure that you continually make progress.

You would not believe the number of people that move into a new home and still have a multitude of unpacked boxes a full year after taking full ownership of the home.

Take the time to enjoy the process rather than to rush. Choose one room that can wait (an office or extra bedroom) and use it as your ‘base.’ Focus on a goal of unpacking a certain number of boxes per day until complete, but force yourself to unpack at least one box every day.

Most importantly, enjoy your new custom home or semi-custom house!

Consider throwing a housewarming party to welcome friends into your new home and get to know your new neighbors.

It will also encourage you to complete the process of unpacking everything before everyone comes over. We promise, you will eliminate a lot of stress and begin to fully appreciate and enjoy your home after all the work is done.

If you have made it this far, you are more serious about building a new home in Huntsville, Alabama than you might have even realized.

That means that now is the perfect time to get started on building your new home or at the very least gathering information to begin positioning yourself to start the process in the near future.

Follow the checklist and guidelines above for best results when choosing the best custom home builder and for a smoother process in building your dream home!

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